What is there to see in Dubrovnik aquatorium?

There is something for everyone when you dive in Dubrovnik. Below the surface are many hidden gems from caves and caverns to shipwrecks for all experience levels. You can learn more about our dive sites HERE.

Do you offer boat or shore dives?

If the weather allows, most dives are from our 500 horsepower speedboat. It takes only 5 to 15 min to most of our dive sites by boat. We are also fortunate to be located near 3 beautiful dive sites just off the shore so we can dive all year round, and in most weather conditions. Don’t think the shore dive is shallow or boring! These sites have caves and caverns which are endlessly exciting to explore with varied marine life and a maximum depth of 60 m.

Can I store my equipment at your dive center?

Yes! We have space for you to store private equipment, you are welcome to leave your equipment there if you are diving with us.

I would like to dive to a specific site, when will you dive there?

There is no fixed schedule for the dive sites, our instructors decide where to dive after checking the weather conditions and the experience level of our guests. Of course, we always try to respect your wishes and preferences.

I want to dive to the wreck Taranto, what is the schedule to dive there?

If there is a group of highly experienced divers interested, and the weather allows, we will take you to the Taranto wreck. You are welcome to join us if you are at least Advanced Open Water certified, have a minimum of 60 logged dives, and have dived within the last year. 

If you do not have proof (digital or physical) that you have done at least 60 dives and last dived within a year, you need to do one Fun Dive with us before going to Taranto. That way the instructors can assess if you are ready to dive the Taranto wreck since it is a deep (40m) and very challenging dive.

I have not been diving for a couple of years, can I still dive?

Of course! Since you haven’t been diving for a couple of years, by PADI standards, you need to do a Check dive first. This will give you a refresher of the essential scuba diving skills. If all goes well in the check, then you can continue with an easy fun dive. Book your check dive HERE.

What is the visibility like?

The sea in Dubrovnik is famous for its clarity and cleanness. The visibility is typically from 20 to 30 m.

I lost my certification card/logbook, can I still dive?

If you are a PADI certified diver, then we can look up your certification. If you are certified with another dive association, you can email your certifying dive center and they should have a record of your certification. 

As for a logbook it is good practice to log your dives either in a book or digitally. If you do not have your logbook, you can still dive with us. However, if you are looking to do a more challenging dive then you will have to do an easier dive first so our instructors can assess your skills.

Do I need a medical certificate to dive?

You do not need a medical certificate, but you will need to fill out a medical questionnaire before diving. If you have any concerns, then it is always recommended to get checked out by a doctor before diving.

How to get to your dive center/do you offer transfers?

We do not offer transfers, however, Hotel Dubrovnik Palace (where we are located) is well connected by public transit and there are many taxi companies, including Uber, operating in Dubrovnik. There is a direct bus line (No. 4) from the Pile Gate just outside the Old Town to the Palace hotel (last stop). The bus ride is about 15 minutes and the bus leaves approximately every 20 minutes. A one-way ticket costs 2 EUR if you buy it on the bus, or 1,73 EUR at a tobacco shop (Tisak).

Is there anything for non-divers to do while I dive?

We are located inside a 5* hotel, which is a great place to spend a relaxing day and the best place to enjoy the beautiful Dubrovnik sunsets. Non-divers can enjoy the beach, cocktail bar or restaurant while they wait for you to dive. They can rent snorkeling sets from us and snorkel at the beach which is one of the nicest places to snorkel in Dubrovnik. Alternately, they can go for a walk up through the cool, shady paths of park Mala and Velika Petka, which starts next to the hotel.

Can I park close to the dive center?

Regarding parking - unfortunately, there aren't any places reserved especially for divers, but you can park in front of the hotel if there is room. If anybody asks, just tell them that you`re going diving. If the ropes are up, you can ask the valet if you can still park there. 

If there aren't any free spots, there is an unofficial "wild" parking super close to hotel Palace. It`s where the locals park when they go to the beach. It`s on the right side of the Masarykov put street, on the way to the Palace hotel, just before the hotel. Or if you`ll be returning from the hotel, then it`s on the left.

What is the water temperature?

In the summer months the surface temperature is 21 to 26oC. At depth the sea temperature is 18 to 23oC. We dive all year round; in the winter months the sea temperature is 16 to 18oC.